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Our job is a varied one. As such, we have learned to employ a vast array of tools and materials to handle the range of tasks that clients around Gloucestershire recruit us to perform. On this page we thought we’d go through a few materials we commonly use when working on hard landscaping projects and when erecting equestrian fencing or agricultural fencing.


3 Popular Hard Landscaping Materials


Stone – A hard wearing and characterful material that our Gloucestershire clients often request installed on their property, stone is very versatile and looks fantastic. While some types of stone can be quite expensive, you get what you pay for!  Whether we’re building garden walls for a domestic client, or a driveway leading up to a farmhouse, stone is a top tier hard landscaping material that is guaranteed to last a long time.


Brick – Coming in all colours, shapes and sizes, bricks are great to use in hard landscaping projects where a client wants a striking, one-of-a-kind aesthetic in their garden or on part of their land. They’re also highly cost effective. Recycled bricks are very popular with our Gloucestershire clients due to their rustic, nautral appearance.


Gravel – Gravel is a broad term: granite, marble and coloured gravels are all popular hard landscaping options. It’s cheap and is very quickly installed. A timeless material, gravel driveways and garden areas can be spotted all around the Gloucestershire area.


Fantastic Materials for Fences


Wood Panels – Our fencing contractors often build tall wood panel fences for domestic clients in Gloucestershire who value their privacy. They keep prying eyes out, and are custom-built to your own specifications.


Metal – When building security fences, our fencing contractors often work with metal. Intimidating to would-be trespassers, metal security fences are tricky to get over, under or through. Simply put, they know their job and they do it well!


Timber and Wire – A lot of the agricultural fencing that we erect around Gloucestershire is built with a combination of timber and wire. Usually our clients need agricultural fencing to ensure that livestock stay within certain areas of their land, making a combination of the two materials a secure and ethical option – as opposed to barbed wire or electrical fencing.


RMH fencing contractors also tend to use timber and wire in tandem when erecting equestrian fencing for Gloucestershire clients. Equestrian fencing allows horses to graze at their leisure and get lots of exercise outside the stable. But there are a number of options available when investing in equestrian fencing. Give us a call or click here for more information on agricultural fencing.


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