Agricultural Fencing and Tree Work for the Cotswolds

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The RMH Services team are both fencing contractors and expert tree surgeons, providing clients in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with every professional service they need to keep their land clean, healthy and secure. Here’s more on these two sides of our business.


All Types of Fencing for Gloucestershire

Agricultural Fencing – Our fencing contractors can supply and install quality agricultural fencing made from timber, mesh or metal. Our fencing helps protect your land by establishing a boundary that prevents livestock wandering off into the wilderness, and hopefully trespassers from wandering all over a field of freshly planted crops!


If you’re in Gloucestershire or the Cotswolds, give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. All our agricultural fencing is distinctly bespoke, as our clients’ needs can be extremely varied. We never take a “one size fits all” approach to agricultural fencing.


Domestic Fencing – While we are perhaps best known around the Gloucestershire and Cotswolds areas as being agricultural fencing and equestrian fencing experts, that’s not to say we don’t serve domestic clients. If you’re looking for a striking, sturdy fence for your front or back garden, then give our fencing contractors a call.


Equestrian Fencing – Have a number of horses living on your land? Equestrian fencing can ensure they stay confined to a manageable set area. This gives you peace of mind, knowing they are safely roaming and grazing pasture.


A healthy horse is a happy one, having plenty of time to stretch its legs.  Many horse-owners in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds invest in equestrian fencing so they can ramp up the time that their horses are out of the stable and in amongst the beautiful British countryside.


Security Fencing – If you’re looking to set up a highly secure perimeter around your land to deter would-be trespassers, then we can help you. We set up durable metal fences for security-conscious landowners around Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

Tree Surgery Specialists in the Cotswolds


Crown Pruning – Do you have overgrown or ugly trees sitting on your land? It’s amazing what crown pruning can do. Aesthetically, tidying up a tree can do wonders. But even more important are the health benefits crown pruning affords trees.


Following a crown pruning procedure, trees receive more sunlight to vital areas. This means they’re more likely to thrive and produce a fantastic, vibrant and uniform crown of foliage and flowers.


Stump Removal – We have powerful stump grinders which can remove tree stumps off your land permanently, allowing you to develop over the area or replant lower-maintenance vegetation. Our stump removal service for Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds is fast, efficient and very affordable.


Tree Felling – Problematic or dangerous trees often can’t be nursed back to health, and in these cases they need to be safely and professionally felled. Our team is fully qualified to fell a tree via traditional methods or the more modern, sectional dismantlement technique.


For more information, call our tree surgeons and fencing contractors in Gloucestershire on 01285 885 595.

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