Equestrian Fencing in Cirencester and Gloucestershire | The Ideal Horse Environment, From Groundworks to Fencing

If you’re an equestrian landowner in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire or the Cotswolds, why not treat your horses to the perimeters they deserve? After all, an attempt to escape could lead to injury, so it’s important to keep each horse safely contained. This is where RMH Services comes in. With over three decades of experience, we install equestrian fencing to prevent your horses from wandering into danger.

A strong fence, along with the proper groundworks, will provide the right environment for roaming, exploring and riding. This will enable you to keep them out of the stable for longer without concern.

Known for equestrian fencing across Cirencester and all surrounding regions, we offer the following benefits and more:

Do you want to keep your horses in or near in Cirencester, Gloucestershire or Oxfordshire as safe as possible? Please get in touch for a free quotation or to have a member of our team visit your premises.

Equestrian Fencing | Maximising Horse and Rider Safety

Most equestrian owners know that horses demand a certain level of upkeep, and this extends to the fence itself. By installing the right fence with expert groundworks, you keep safety standards high for the horses and public alike.

Why Is the Right Fence So Important?

There’s a reason why equestrian fencing differs from agricultural styles. While cattle and other livestock may do well with options like barbed wire, horses need something firm yet less aggressive. Post-and-rail or high-tensile wire, for example, prevent injury in case of panic, while keeping your horses safely inside the paddock or field.

Because horses are likely to try and jump a fence in Cirencester or the surrounding areas, it’s vital that we build to the correct height. Typically, an equestrian boundary should extend to around 5 feet or 60 inches off the ground.

Your One-Stop Shop for Equestrian Fencing

While some fencing contractors focus on urban properties, we specialise in agricultural and equestrian boundaries. This often involves using heavy machinery and plant to perform groundworks – so your horses receive the ideal environment, and a fence that won’t buckle under pressure.

Here at RMH Services, we pay due diligence and work to an exacting standard. Our contractors know what weaknesses a horse may exploit and will plan accordingly. This makes us the perfect choice for equestrian fencing in Cirencester and the nearby regions, when only the best will do.

In the case of an emergency, we aim to arrive quickly to deliver the right solution so your horses can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

Please call us on 01285 885 595 for equestrian fencing and the related groundworks. We create the ideal environment for horses in Cirencester and all surrounding areas.