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Fencing, specifically agricultural fencing, isn’t quite as simple as putting up a uniform wooden boundary and calling it a day. On this page our Cotswolds based fencing contractors have meditated on a few questions that are well worth mulling over before investing in agricultural or equestrian fencing.


But we don’t just do fences, our team are qualified and experienced in delivering a wide range of hard landscaping and tree surgery services to clients all across the Cotswolds. If you require any more information on any of our services, give us a call right away on 01285 885 595.


Things to Consider When Investing in Agricultural Fencing


How tall should my fence be?

This really depends on what type of animals you keep. Equestrian fencing tends to be taller than typical agricultural fencing, for example, as horses can grow to great heights as they mature. Give us a call and we can help assess your needs and figure out a safe height for your new fence.


How strong does my agricultural fencing need to be?

Animals will often lean on fences, and our fencing contractors have been called out to situations where poorly constructed ones have collapsed under their weight. This can prove disastrous, for obvious reasons. We like to pass on an age-old piece of agricultural advice to our Cotswolds clients. “Build your fence to contain your strongest, wildest animal.”

This is especially the case with equestrian fencing for clients who take in and break problematic horses, as it can sometimes take them a little while to settle down.


What materials should my fence be built out of?

Once again, this really depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. Our fencing contractors find that a timber and wire combination is a fantastic solution that suits many clients’ needs. However, there are other more specialist options available to landowners around the Cotswolds.

For those concerned about trespassers, quality metal fencing fitted around particularly vulnerable areas is often a great idea. We can even erect agricultural fencing with a mild electrical charge, which deters animals from leaning on them.


Why don’t I just build the fence myself?

Erecting agricultural fencing on a D.I.Y basis is not impossible. Be warned, however, that it will require a lot of hard work on your behalf. Amateur agricultural and equestrian fencing also tends to be of lower quality than professional fencing.


There are a number of common mistakes which amateurs make when going about the task. The most typical are poor spacing and setting of posts. A fence with too few posts can lack structural integrity, while one with too many can quickly become overly expensive.


If they are set wrong, then you risk the fence collapsing. Because of this, we always recommend prospective clients around the Cotswolds hire professional fencing contractors when in need of quality agricultural fencing.


Remember, RMH Services is far from being a one-trick pony; we don’t just build domestic, agricultural and equestrian fencing! Call our team today for tree surgery and a wide range of hard landscaping tasks and groundworks. We’re your one-stop shop for site preparation and maintenance.


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