Equestrian and Agricultural Fencing in Cirencester and Gloucestershire | Do You Need to Replace Your Fence?

A domestic fence may break and collapse in severe weather. Agricultural fencing, however, needs to be strong enough to withstand more abuse. From muddy field conditions to animal escape attempts, your fence must remain strong if it’s to keep the environment secure. Skilled in equestrian fencing, groundworks and maintenance, we at RMH Services appreciate this. We install new fences across Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, which protects farm animals, horses and members of the public alike.

Can you recognise the signs of a damaged perimeter? See below or get in touch with our agricultural fencing and groundworks team for advice.

Rotting Wood – Over time, the elements can take their toll on even the toughest fence. Wood rot is not uncommon in Cirencester and the surrounding areas, which animals may then gnaw to increase the damage. If you see dark spots or cracks in your agricultural or equestrian fencing, be sure to call a professional before the problem spreads.

It’s Beginning to Lean – A fencing contractor should use the right equipment to install your fence at the proper depths, so groundworks play a major role. Leaning may indicate an issue with the subsurface work, but problems can also arise due to weathering and impacts.

To reduce the risk of your horses or livestock exploring off the beaten path, call an expert in Cirencester who will give your fence the care it deserves.

Collapsed Posts and Broken Wire – Today’s agricultural fencing options are superior to older versions, especially with the aid of companies like Clipex. High-tensile wire keeps the animals contained and safe should they panic, but even the latest innovations may begin to wear in the coming decades.

Falling trees may leave a gaping hole in your Cirencester or Gloucestershire fence, resulting in the urgent need for restoration work. If your landscape needs large-scale groundworks, be sure to rely on a qualified contractor with the machinery to match.

Too Many Repairs – Equestrian fencing will need replacing at some time or another. This is also true of agricultural fencing, which proves its worth every day in rural environments. One-off repairs may prove cheaper than all-new installations, but constant remedial work can build up to cause frustration.

Why not call RMH Services for a new fence in Cirencester or any of the surrounding areas? All of our fences feature virgin steel, imported from New Zealand. Additionally, Our family-run business takes on all groundworks and agricultural fencing work as needed – doing so with the right accreditations and certificates.

You Have Your Concerns – In the end, it’s always best to replace your equestrian fencing if you feel the need. Whether you think it’s too low for horses or unsafe for livestock, you should speak with a knowledgeable contractor who can advise on the best solution.

Sometimes, landowners in Cirencester and the nearby regions desire fences in a new style. RMH Services works on farms, equestrian land and even domestic gardens in the local region. Our team will manage your project from design to planning, and from groundworks to the completed fence line. Don’t hesitate to call for a free quotation.

If you notice the signs of damaged equestrian or agricultural fencing, please call RMH Services on 01285 831 725. We work in all regions surrounding Cirencester.